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Our reputation speaks for itself

Our client’s feedback about how quickly we get their payments released and restoration work completed only motivates us to work harder.

We are dedicated to improving and perfecting our process, to ensure every customer is satisfied with the speed and accuracy of our product and service.

How it works

Let iink™ help eliminate the headaches associated with mortgage companies holding up the claim funds and running around to collect checks and signatures.


Our platform streamlines the property claim payment for all parties: property owners, restoration professionals, insurance and mortgage companies. Check out a few of the ways so many use iink now!



For Homeowners

Homeowners are often stuck in between a rock and a hard place in the insurance claims process. Their home continues to deteriorate as they wait for all parties around town to sign their endorsement for the claim check and the slow process mortgage company verification. iink™ is here to make sure nothing pauses your home restoration.


For Contractors

Contractors are out in the field, trying to restore a homeowner’s property. They frequently lose time and money waiting for insurance funds to be dispersed. The reason why every day more and more contractors are joining iink™ every is a no-brainer.


For Public Adjusters

Public Adjustors arrive at a property to examine the extent of the damage. Their accurate assessment is vital to how much the insurance company will pay out to have it restored. iink™ benefits PA’s too:

iink™ Solutions

Allow all parties to remotely endorse a paper check. We deposit and fund each user’s wallet. Upload the check, get paid.

Includes iink Pay service, but we handle all that’s required for mortgage company sign-off. Follow the step by step process, get paid.

Includes iink Pro service, but skip the wait for mortgage company sign-off. Send the check, get paid.

*Check deposits and ACH transfers are subject to standard clearing and settlement periods.

NOTE: In order to be iink Verified every user must meet the following requirements to be designated as one of iink’s trusted restoration professionals.

A $299 registration fee applies.

Our Partners

Created by the restoration industry, for better payments and faster restoration. We are constantly innovating based on feedback from our esteemed industry partnerships.

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Our Mission

Better Payments Faster Restoration.

Restoration professionals are usually the ones in power, restoring and repairing properties across the nation. However, that power turns into pain for them and their customers, when the insurance claim checks get locked up in time-wasting politics and bureaucracy. iink™ was created to empower restorations professionals again, removing the back-and-forth headaches that often follow insurance claims. We’re here to stop Professionals from being forced into using precious funds to float projects that should already be paid.

Start investing that money in aspects that will grow your company like improving your infrastructure, hiring, and even opening new locations. No longer will you have to spend resources for funds you may not see for weeks or even months. The days of projects being delayed are over, finish faster and earn more today. iink™ is here with a fast and secure service that eliminates the long hold up in payments with our easy and transparent process. 

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