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Our process is seamless and quick to begin. Each check is organized with a specific color to ensure what each one is used for. This helps keep the organization of your systems and allows the process to become faster.
Every new check that’s collected for your business should go in this envelope. For example, if salespeople are collecting checks and bringing them to the office for the administration or accounting department they should drop them off in this envelope.
Every check that’s been stamped with iink’s restrictive endorsement (for mobile deposit only iinkpay) should go in this envelope. This is typically after the check has been uploaded to the iink app and prior to being sent for mortgage company endorsement (if required).
Every check that’s been returned to your office after the mortgage company has endorsed it should be uploaded to the iink app then put in this envelope. Please hold fully deposited paper checks for 2 weeks after the deposit has been made and then shred/dispose of them securely.


The iink™ Payments restrictive endorsement (RE) stamp should be placed on the back of all checks being deposited to the iink app. This is a Reg CC requirement by the Federal Reserve to ensure that the checks aren’t deposited into multiple accounts after it has already been submitted to be processed through iink™. The RE protects all stakeholders from potential fraud and is required (stamp or handwritten) on all completed deposits in the app except for monitored claims click here to learn why.
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