iink Payments – Maximize My 2021 Tax Deductions

Is iink Prepaid tax deductible for 2021 if I use the service in 2022?

“Tax planning strategies can defer some of your current year’s tax liability to a future year, thus freeing up cash for investment, business, or personal use.  You can accomplish this by timing when certain expenses are paid.  A common tax planning strategy is prepaying certain expenses prior to the end of the year.  By accelerating certain expenditures into the current year, the taxpayer is able to take advantage of additional tax deductions to help reduce their taxable income now.  You should always consult your CPA or tax advisor regarding deductibility of prepaid expenses.” 


Deryk Konhauzer,

Partner at Schneider, Konhauzer and Associates of South Florida LLC

What are the iink Payments' Prepaid options?

iink Pre - pay

iink Payments offers two core services. iink Pro automates the processing and release of claim check funds that include the mortgage bank as a payee. Our second offering is iink Advanced Funding where we can fund your claim in 24-48 hours! Prepay with iink today and not only maximize your tax deductions but save on our services!

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An average of $50.00 in savings per check !

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