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How iink Makes Securing Payments Simple

iink is with you every step of the way doing all the heavy lifting for you. Through our valued partnerships with major trusted third parties such as Visa, Equifax, we’re able to make insurance claims payments for restoration faster and more transparent than ever before.

Our secure process gives all parties peace of mind. iink™ dot’s the i’s and crosses the t’s to ensure everything goes smoothly for you. Take a look at why below.


For Homeowners

Homeowners are often stuck in between a rock and a hard place in the insurance claims process. Their home continues to deteriorate as they wait for all parties around town to sign their endorsement for the claim check and the slow process mortgage company verification. iink™ is here to make sure nothing pauses your home restoration.


For Contractors

Contractors are out in the field, trying to restore a homeowner’s property. They frequently lose time and money waiting for insurance funds to be dispersed. The reason why every day more and more contractors are joining iink™ every is a no-brainer.


For Public Adjusters

Public Adjustors arrive at a property to examine the extent of the damage. Their accurate assessment is vital to how much the insurance company will pay out to have it restored. iink™ benefits PA’s too:

Claim Introduction

The necessary claim documents & details are uploaded through iink’s user-friendly interface via desktop or mobile.

Finally, convenience is a tap away in what is usually an undeniably inconvenient process. Enter basic info such as your name, number and email to complete the first steps in minutes.

Claim Review

iink™ sends welcome email and mortgage verification to the primary insured while submitted info and docs are reviewed. We complete a thorough background check of the parties to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy. This includes credit reports, social media accounts (Yelp, Linkedin, etc) and any other red flag signs.


iink™  emails the already filled endorsement for authorization and DocuSign e-signatures.

You will be sent a secure link to sign off on that shows the front and back of the check, where each portion of the funds are going to and a section to sign.

Claim Submission

Endorsement package is entered for mortgage review. iink™ takes care of all the follow-up hassles while keeping you updated through our headache-free process.

Claim Check Mailed

iink™provides the claim endorsement information and shipping labels that will be mailed to the mortgage company.

Skip the lines, pass on having to resend everything because you put a period instead of a comma. Our expert team has navigated this industry for years and will ensure all the info is delivered without delay.

Funds Are Disbursed

Package review completed and funds are disbursed by mortgage company with an expedited return to the homeowner and/or contractor.

You’re almost homefree (literally) as the money for the project is being sent out to proper parties. The timeframe between review and disbursement feels instantaneous compared to the old methods.

Repairs Completed

As the contractor finishes repairs, iink™ coordinates inspections and disbursement payments with the mortgage company.

Repairs and various restorations are finished faster now that money is not being held hostage by another party. Contractors can take on more projects, focus completely and give better property owners not only a better experience but better results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With iink™, everyone can rest assured that their insurance proceeds processing will be completed quickly, efficiently, and securely.

“Let’s do this again” is a commonly said phrase by many coming off rollercoasters and clients that utilize our service. The difference comes in how smooth this ride is from start to finish. Start saving time, money and headaches today.

Better Payments.
Faster Restoration.

Eliminate insurance check headaches and holds while gaining rewards to maximize your cash flow. Get verified, get paid, and get your customers restored faster than anyone else.
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