Let's evolve together.

Family oriented

 We rise and we fall together, no finger pointing.

Customer focused

Strive to understand and empathize with the problems our customers face daily.


When you or If you! Commit to doing something, and make sure you do it. Embrace the lesson learned in the process.

Our Team Members

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Chris A.

Payment Specialist

” It feels like a fun and safe space to develop our skills while contributing to the company’s growth. Integrity, being a people person and building meaningful connections, and being devoted to what I’m doing. I enjoy working at iink because the people here prove that they’re not just your coworkers but also your family and your friend. “

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Liz S.

Head of Customer Success

” We are helping people every day who are experiencing a disruption to their normal daily lives due to a damaging situation to their property. This is often the first instance they’ve had to deal with such an event, it’s not in their expertise to control, and they need to rely on others to help them. That’s what we do. We offer them the peace of mind, in conjunction with their restoration professional, to get the funds needed to be whole again as quickly as possible. “

Falco R.

Director of Operations

” Working at iink allows me to grow as a professional and person. IINK gives me a feeling of true extreme ownership where with every task or deliverable assigned to me, I trust our leadership team to hear my solution and, if approved, solve it. If I can’t, I proudly can say I can count on my teammates to help if needed. No one here will ever say no to helping someone get unstuck and solve any issue.” 

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