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How iink™ Became Roofing’s Game-Changing Fintech

iink™ was formed in 2017 after years of consumers and professionals in the restoration industry asking “why?” This word came up often in frustration rather than curiosity.  The iink™ team regularly heard phrases like “Why can’t this be easier?” or “why must projects be paused constantly?” For years, nobody had the answer until one faithful evening between two restoration industry veterans.


We saw an ongoing issue with waiting on signatures and wasted time. Homeowners are in duress over how long of a process it takes to receive their insurance funds. That’s why we started IINK to streamline the settlement process. The easiest way to get it completed all in one place!

Ryan Holliday

Ken Lollar

A contractor and a public adjuster walk into a bar...

After years of repeatedly hearing and asking these questions themselves, iink’s founders Ken Lollar and Ryan Holliday conceived this revolutionary service.
The duo met in the prior year, Ryan working as a roofing sales manager while Ken was a public adjuster in insurance claims. They worked together extensively, seeing a cycle of the same issue of insurance funds being tied up in mortgage companies. This is when the duo met up for drinks one night and the rest is history.

They then spent the next year building workflows with stakeholders and getting feedback from roofing industry veterans in all fields. iink™ did what few companies do, listen. We listened to the roofers, public adjusters and others heavily involving the roofing process to develop a system that made it easy for everyone.

Lollar, iink’s cofounder, noticed the positive reactions the tech was from his peers.“It comes across as special,” he said. “This platform keeps the industry very honest and it keeps the money moving.”
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